Are you living your dream? Do you find fulfillment in this life? This is our opportunity and challenge: to find what our passion is, and live it.   As Steve Jobs says, we must refuse to “settle” for anything less than our dreams. This site is here to remind you, and me, to reach for greatness!

We all get discouraged from time to time.  The world can be a daunting place at times.  But we must be willing to reach within ourselves to find ways of contributing to others.

One of the best ways to raise our spirits is to say a kind word to someone. If someone is wearing nice jewelry, give a genuine compliment. You would be amazed just what a difference that can make to someone!

When we reach out to others, it takes our mind off of ourselves, and moves us into relationship with others. As we reach to others, a natural feeling of love arises, that lifts our spirits, and those of the people around us.

We are in this life together. We all need one another. The great opportunity of this world is to learn to support one another in love, and kindness. We cannot always resolve every problem, but sometimes an encouraging word, an act of support can make a huge difference to a person.

Remember, you are destined for greatness, for goodness, for love, for abundance. We live in an abundant world.  However we must each work to raise that awareness in all of the people around us. As we do this, we make a difference to each person by providing hope and encouragement.