Let Go and Let God!

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You have probably heard the saying  “let go and let God.” What does this mean in daily life? For me it means that we recognize our need for the guidance of higher intelligence. We recognize that even with all of our cleverness, we aren’t really clever enough. Or to put it another way, the best laid plans of man often go awry. Is this cause for despair? No! To the contrary it is the key to complete freedom. Only when we realize that we need higher intelligence can we open ourselves to that possibility.

The opportunity to truly live as a co creator with God’s infinite guidance and intelligence is greater than can ever be understood. But first we must have the willingness to take this step into union, and harmony with God. We have to be willing to say “yes” to God, and to accept guidance.  It is like learning to dance, knowing when to lead, and when to take leadership. No one can tell you exactly how to do it, because you are a unique soul.

Let this moment be the beginning of your fabulous adventure in letting go into God’s divine guidance. As you do this you will be stepping up to an entirely new dimension of life. It all starts with willingness, and that can start right now!


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Robert Sidell is the Author of the Gateway. He is an international motivation speaker. Host of the Dreampower Show for over 10 years on the number 1 talk station in Las Vegas.
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