Never, Never, Never Give up!

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Winston Churchill’s famous words “never,never,never give up” have profound importance to each of us. In his life he had many defeats, yet somehow he always bounced back, and became one of the greatest leaders in this world.  You and I may be facing the appearance of a brick wall,  a sense of impossibility. Yet if we persist, so many times a crack will open in the wall, light will come through and and an answer will be supplied.  Let’s make sure we don’t give up too soon. The pot of Gold may be right there, around the corner! Keep moving,  and you will find the next step you need.

So whatever you are facing today, please dare to believe in yourself! Dare to believe in God, goodness, and life.  When you do this you are serving everyone!


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Robert Sidell is the Author of the Gateway. He is an international motivation speaker. Host of the Dreampower Show for over 10 years on the number 1 talk station in Las Vegas.
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