Wealth is Glorious!

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After years of austerity and poverty in China, Deng Xiaoping, leader of the communist party, declared that getting rich is “glorious”.  Through his courage, he broke the pattern of thinking that existed at that time in China.  He gave permission to the Chinese people to become wealthy, and by so doing to create wealth for everyone.  He started a chain reaction, which has unleashed extroardinary wealth creation, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

You, too, make a difference. Your success benefits everyone. Dare to allow your wealth, and abundance to emerge naturally in every part of your life. Happy relationships, plenty of time, security, love and peace are God’s will for your life. As you say yes to these things, you make a great gift to everyone around you.

Remember, you can do it!!


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Robert Sidell is the Author of the Gateway. He is an international motivation speaker. Host of the Dreampower Show for over 10 years on the number 1 talk station in Las Vegas.
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